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7 chakra crystal aromatherapy room spray

 7 Crystal chakra aromatherapy room Spray.
I'm so excited to be releasing this line as I've been working on this for a long time. 

Each blend has been name after it's seed mantra name. All the oils  have been custom blended accordingly to support the individual chakra including 3 reki infused crystal chips.
Can used to mist the body , the room or sacred space and it's great for yoga mats.

Lam- 1st chakra - root
Vam - 2nd chakra- sacral 
Ram- 3rd chakra - Solar plexus 
Yam- 4th chakra -heart 
Ham- 5th chakra-  throat 
Om- 6th chakra- 3rd eye
Ah- 7th chakra -crown

4 oz glass colbat blue bottle to reduce plastics