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  • Chill Aromatherapy emulsifed Body Scrub


    Chill Aromatherapy emulsifed body scrub.  

    Enjoy this cooling and refreshing  blend of pure essential oils of Spearmint, lavender and frankincense.

    Then we add matcha green tea, and honey for their nourshing properties. Oils of sesame , cucumbers, hemp seed and jojoba help to keep skin soft and supple

    These super luxurious scrub is sure to make you feel like a pampered princess.

    Made with all natural ingredients and dose not contain any harsh chemicals or fragnance or alcohol.

    Great for senstive and compromise skin Aromatherapy emulsifed Body Scrub.

    This super creamy sugar scrub will help to elimate dead skin cells while turning into a creamy lotion that washes right off in the shower.

    10 oz and comes in a glass amber jar 

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