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  • Crystals and Flowers Body Treament Bath Bombs

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    Introducing our new Reiki infused Crystal & Flowers collection because I’m just too excited to wait! These aromatherapy and pink Himalayan salt body treatment bath bombs are made with pure therapeutic grade essential oils, fruits, veggies and goat's milk. Dried roses, lavender and calendula give them that extra special touch. Soak away and drift off to your happy place. Your chakra's will thank you. The crystals have been charged by the full cold moon of the winter solstice and infused with Reiki, love and affirmations for the new year.

    Yellow- Tight & Tone awaken and energize Lemongrass, rosemary, tropical flowers bee pollen, cocoa and macadamia nuts.

    Citrine awakens self love and confidence associated with the solar plexus.

    Pink - Love - engergize and euphoria Geranium, lemonograss, Tropical flowers, hibiscus, grapeseed oil and calendula

    rose quartz stimulates and attracts love and passion in the heart chakra.

    Purple -Dream Relax and balance Lavender, lemongrass, tropical flowers, beets, blueberries and avocado oil

    Amythest is calming and healing for the body mind and soul. Works with crown chakra.