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  • Dragon Aromatherapy Goat's milk glycerine soap bar


    Winter has came....

    You don't have to be the mother if dragons to have your own.

    Made with 100 % Pure Theraputic grade essential oils and goat's milk glycerine soap.

    Each bar weight 4.5 oz

    Made with biodegradable glitter and hand painted in mica.

    Your choice

    Black- Lunacy- Sweet orange,  lavender and patchouli.

    Purple- Dream - Lemongrass, lavender and Tropcial flowers.

    Green - Rub-Peppermint , rosemary and patchouli 

    White- Chill-Spearmint, lavender and frankincense 

    Save on Shipping and buy all 4 and ship for the price of one