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  • Forbidden aromatherapy! & pink Himalayan salt bath soak

    Xl Aromatherapy & pink Himalayan crystal and dried flowers salt bath soak

    Forbidden blend 

    A must for your long hot winter baths and a nice of romance or self love

    Indulge you skin in this luxurious blend of Rose's, Red wine and chocolate.
    Open your heart chakra and soothe aching muscles with this healing and an aphrodisiac blend of Rose, lavender and patchouli essential oils. 
    Crafted with pink Himalayan, Epsom and Mediterranean sea salts with coconut milk may help to detox and softener skin. 

    A reki infused clear quartz crystal and dried flowers of lavender,  rose and jasmine give it that extra special touch. 
    Oils of hempseed, grapeseed, evening primrose and jojoba replenish 

    Xl 16 oz 
    Comes in a beautiful collector's amber glass ball mason jar to reduce plastics 

    16 oz refillable bag
    No Crystal's or dried flowers