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  • Steam Aromatherapy Vapor Rub Balm

    Aromatherapy Vapor Rub Balm

    Suffering from congestion? Feeling run down or coming down with a cold? Are you asthmatic or having trouble breathing right?

    Scented in Steam
    This amazing blend of Eucalyptus, rosemary and patchouli essential oils is sure to help.

     This creamy fast absorbing balm is made with special oils of avacado, aloe Vera, hempseed and vitiamn E. We then add this to our balm base of shea butter , coco butter and bees wax  to offer the skin nourshing properties

    Just rub in to the chest, back, ears and on bottoms of the feet to get some relief.
     Not recommended for people with epilepsy or pregnant 
    3 oz