Spoiled Dirty Rotten Natural Cosmetics Turn your bathing experience into a SPA TREATMENT...

    Spoiled Dirty Rotten is a luxurious, organic spa line of handcrafted, aromatherapy infused skin care products.  We use remedies, rituals, and methods reserved only for royalty.  Our all natural line is designed for a soothing, daily skin regimen.  We also offer an exclusive line of supplemental products to target specific areas of concern.

    The entire Spoiled Rotten Dirty body and skin care collection nourishes skin all over the body.  Our nutrient focused products are extracted from seasonal fruits, vegetables, pure, food grade oils, as well as precious, skin loving butters that are absorbed into the skin.

    Therapeutic grade essential oils are custom blended with 100 %, all natural ingredients that awaken the senses with aromas that both smell and feel sinfully indulgent.

    Spoiled Dirty Rotten uses environmentally friendly ingredients that include sun kissed botanical extracts, pink Himalayan salts directly from the earth, ocean minerals, and sea mud, capturing the vast and eclectic bounty that Mother Nature has to offer from all corners of the earth.